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Dates and Location


  • January 23 - 26 (El Salvador)
  • March 4 - 7 (Guatemala)
  • May 20 - 23 (Honduras)
  • June 3 - 6 (Guatemala)
  • August 5 - 8 (Honduras)
  • August 13 - 16 (El Salvador)
  • October 7 - 10 (Guatemala)
  • October 22 - 25 (El Salvador)
  • November 4 - 7 (Honduras)



(ADA, AGD, Dental Board of California, Dental Board of Florida)


Lecture / Participation


- Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), Guatemala.
- Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH).
- Universidad Autónoma de Santa Ana (UNASA), El Salvador.

Program Description

This program is specifically designed to teach dental practitioners how to successfully approach and treat a wide range of advanced implant and bone grafting surgical procedures, all under our faculty supervision. ITC Seminars offers a high-tech dental surgical facility where participants will receive personalized one-on-one training by using the latest CBCT Technology and 3D imaging software to aid them in their treatment planning and surgical procedures.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to become skilled at Sinus Lift and advanced implant surgical procedures.

For more details about this course, please view the following Program Overview.

Dr. Guequillana shares his experience


  • Provide diagnosis, prognosis and properly sequenced comprehensive treatment plans for sinus lift.
  • Perform Sinus Lifts and bone augmentation surgery with maximum confidence and competency.
  • Perform sinus bone grafting with delayed and simultaneous implant placement.
  • Know how to deal with possible sinus lift complications.

What to Expect During the Course

You will encounter various kinds of advanced sinus lift and bone grafting cases. On average, Doctors are expected to treat at least 3-4 patients per day.

Every morning before the program starts, we have a short lecture and a meeting with all the doctors to evaluate and review the treatment plan for the patients that you will be treating that day. In that moment, with the X-Rays in hand, we evaluate the case and decide the best treatment plan and approach for each patient.


The program is 4 full days.

The first day will consist of Lectures, patient treatment planning, case presentations, and hands-on workshops on suturing techniques and dental implant placement protocol, and drill sequencing.

The following 3 days are dedicated to Live Patient Surgery.

Surgeries Promoted

  • Sinus Lift Lateral Window Approach
  • Sinus Lift Intra-crestal Approach
  • Simultaneous Implant Placement
  • Ridge Split with and without Implant Placement
  • Allograft Bone Block
  • Ramus Bone Block
  • Growth factors preparation techniques
  • Suturing Techniques
  • Bone Grafting

Equipped Stations

  • Implant materials
  • Bone grafting materials
  • Sterile setup and protocol
  • Growth factors preparation techniques, drawing and processing
  • Piezo electric hand piece
  • Instruments and armamentarium

Live Patient Facility

We teach only inside Universities and authorized Dental Facilities.

ITC Seminars is the FIRST and ONLY ADA and AGD accredited Dental Implant CE Provider to have academic exchange partnerships with Universities internationally.


World leading training and instruction offered by todays’ top oral implant experts


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