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About ITC Dental Seminars

ITC SEMINARS is a continuing education institution, accredited by the ADA (CERP certified), AGD (PACE certified), Dental Board of California, and Dental Board of Florida, that specializes in dental implant and related surgeries training for local and international dentists. Through academic exchange partnerships with various prestigious universities and educational institutions worldwide, ITC SEMINARS is able to fulfill its mission of providing doctors, specialists and assistants the best dental implant training possible with genuine enthusiasm and great precision. It is our goal to maintain an open environment where dentists can continue their education and obtain new and valuable skills through our teaching and mentorship.

ITC Seminars Overview - A look into our programs

For over 10 years, ITC Seminars has established academic partnerships and joint ventures with universities and educational institutions in Cuba, Jamaica, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the United States in order to meet the educational needs of dentists worldwide. ITC Seminars is able to carry on the enduring success of dental implant education worldwide by working together as a team, respecting every dentist’s individual needs, and committing to unwavering excellence in all the aspects of implant dentistry. Please take a moment to visit our website and take a look at our continuing education programs to find out more about what collaboration with ITC Seminars truly means.

International Presence

These are our ambassadors in other countries, please feel free to contact them without any hesitation; they are always ready to answer all your questions regarding our continuing education programs outside of the United States.


  • Representative: Dr. Michelle Paredes
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH), Honduras


  • Representative: Dr. Keevin González , DDS
  • Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), Guatemala.

El Salvador

  • Representative: Dr. Katia de Lopez
  • Universidad Autonoma de Santa Ana (UNASA), El Salvador


  • Representative: Dr. Laxman Kumar
  • University of the West Indies, Mona School of Dentistry. Kingston, Jamaica.
  • +1 (876) 927-2556


  • Representative: Dr. Mauro Gebran, DDS, MS
  • Rua Hermes Fontes, 242 Batel. Curitiba
  • +55 41 32421234
  • +55 41 99797997


  • Representative: Dr Luis Bruzual, DDS
  • NHS – Dudley Group of Hopsitals, ODL dental Surgery


  • Representative: Francis Teran Casabianca
  • Casa Bote B, Suite113 Lecherías, Estado Anzoátegui
  • +58 424-182-7746
  • +58 414-267-6957
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