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ITC Seminars

Dental Implant Training Center

Through academic exchange partnerships with different universities and educational institutions worldwide, ITC SEMINARS, the foremost leader in Dental Implant continuing education training, delivers its world-class, first of its kind, dental implant seminars. ITC SEMINARS is a continuing education institution, accredited by the ADA (CERP certified), AGD (PACE certified), Dental Board of California, and Dental Board of Florida, that specializes in dental implant and related surgeries training for local and international dentists.

ITC Seminars is composed of top-leading doctors specialized in Oral Implantology who have a record of teaching dentists how to effectively perform dental implant procedures. Doctors have called ITC SEMINARS’ training methods “perfect” and “revolutionary.” For over 10 years, ITC Seminars has established academic partnerships and joint ventures with universities and educational institutions in Cuba, Jamaica, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the United States to meet the educational needs of dentists worldwide.

All of ITC SEMINAR’s courses are funded and organized by ITC CARES, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, which means that all costs associated with participation in any of our courses are tax-deductible donations that are directly used to fund each course.





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