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    Dental Implant Training Center

    Welcome to ITC Seminars, the world's largest and most renowned Dental Implant Continuing Education Provider

    With over 185 Dental Continuing Education Programs under our belt, we've empowered more than 2,000 dentists from every corner of the globe, restoring the smiles of over 4,000 patients along the way. Accredited by the ADA (CERP), AGD (PACE), Dental Boards of California and Florida, ITC Seminars ensures you receive the highest caliber of oral dental implant education available.

    What truly distinguishes us is our groundbreaking academic partnerships on a global scale. ITC Seminars is the only dental implant CE provider to possess signed-academic exchanges and partnerships with International Dental Universities, enriching our training programs with a global prestige, education and specialized training. Our team of top-leading doctors, pioneers in Oral Implantology, have honed a record of teaching dentists the art of dental implant procedures with unparalleled precision, earning accolades such as "perfect" and "revolutionary."

    Dental University Partnerships and Locations

    For over 15 years, we've fostered educational partnerships with Dental Universities in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Venezuela, and Brazil. These partnerships bridge the gap to meet the educational needs of dentists worldwide, expanding our global reach and ensuring that our commitment to excellence knows no borders. To discover the full list of universities with which we have formed invaluable partnerships, and where our course participants receive their international dental implant education and training, click HERE.

    To get an inside look at our international live patient programs and watch our course participants in action, click HERE.

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